Preventative & Diagnostic

Comprehensive Dental Exams

At your initial exam and every cleaning appointment, we will perform a comprehensive dental exam. We examine the teeth and check for cavities or areas showing abnormal wear. We often take Digital X-Rays which allow us to see the areas in between or under the teeth. At these exams, we also check for oral cancers or ulcers on the gums, tongue or lips. A head and neck cancer screening is also conducted. During this screening, we look and feel for bumps or swelling on your face, jaw and neck. Lastly, we assess your jaw to check for any joint dysfunctions. We recommend you have a comprehensive exam at least twice a year.

Cleanings & Gum Treatments

We offer a variety of cleanings and gum treatments.  After your initial exam, Dr. Ryan will recommend the type of cleaning or gum treatment and recall interval that is right for you.

Children’s Care

We prefer to see children for the first time between 18 months – 2 years of age and every 6-12 months, thereafter.

At your child’s initial appointment, we will perform a visual examination followed by some ‘show & tell’ so they know what to expect at their next visit, and lastly We talk with your child to increase their understanding on the importance of brushing and flossing.

For older children, we will provide oral hygiene instruction, perform a cleaning, take necessary X-rays, complete a visual exam, and give a fluoride treatment.  

At the end of their appointments, children get to choose a sticker, toothbrush, and a prize from our toy chest!


A sealant is a clear plastic-like coating brushed and cured to the chewing surface of your teeth to prevent cavities from forming in the deep pits and grooves. Sealants are a non-invasive procedure that does not require any numbing agents to be used.

Digital X-Rays

There are many advantages of digital X-rays over traditional dental X-rays. We can view the images instantly, and there is less radiation. We can enhance the images in a variety of ways to improve viewing, the images can be stored electronically for instant retrieval in the future, and we can avoid the chemicals used in the traditional developing process. If you have further questions regarding dental X-rays, please feel free to ask us at your next appointment.

Intra-Oral Cameras

With the use of our new Intra-Oral Digital Cameras, patients now have the ability to see exactly what Dr. Ryan sees in their mouths!

Dr. Ryan can guide the camera around inside of your mouth and generate a tooth-by-tooth video exam. You can view large close-ups of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues on the flat screen monitors located right in our treatment rooms. The images can then be stored, enlarged and printed.